This Is My Team!

Holy Shit! The Indians' 2008 alternate home jerseys have been announced! Say good-bye to those horrible Sunday Softball Team vests and that insipid "I" logo! Let's all welcome back the block letter "C" from our youth, and while we're at it -- tell the player names to hit the road as well! We can't exactly see the hosiery from the above, but can you even imagine if there's a return to the 2-color striping from the 40's and 50's? Oh my!

There's quite a few other team changes in the works for the '08 season, check out this forum for your home squads' -- but Cleveland's return to a classic look is surely the most satisfying out there! Here's the complete release for the Tribe's changes for 2008:

-Elimination of current alternate home uniform
-Addition of alternate home uniform and cap
-Removal of metallic silver in all Club logo, uniform lettering and marks
So what does this mean, for you -- Chung King searcher outer? As cities' sports teams go, so go the merch for the hardXcore. It's a fact. Check it: Boston -- it's all there: Harvard colors, Celtic Arching, University lettering, "Yankees Suck" style Ts. New York -- not even a question: the fabled ny X hc is derivative of the Yankees logo to be sure. Euro bands have always borrowed from their local squads' kit designs -- hell, MOTORHEAD even lent their logo to a team of kids. The list continues on and on . . .

So not that we weren't already well on our way -- goes without saying I'm a bit Indians Obsessed -- expect arced letter shirts and classic stylie.

After all, it is the right idea.

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