By now you've heard about the FLOORPUNCH reunion. We can't wait, it'll be a chance for us all to relive a few great memories, hang out with some great friends, and try to help out another. We all love Robby Redcheeks -- and he's become such a part of every scene, and Cleveland's no exception -- from riding along with OLC, setting up shows for COMMITTED, to still keeping up and taking pics for CHEAP TRAGEDIES -- he's always bent over backwards for the Cleveland Core.
So we're all planning on heading out to the show at the end of October, and Jeff's informed me it'll be one of the first opportunities you'll have to pick up a copy of the demo in person . . . here's the transcript:
overtheedge97 ordered tapes anyways cause how rad is it gonna be seeing a kid selling cassette demos out of a shoebox at the FP show ala old 97 shows

setstr8 hahaha. for real!

overtheedge97 haha yeah i will be selling them there. alot of kids are it should be fun

setstr8 we should do an og convoy

overtheedge97 that's what i said

setstr8 clif driving one car at 35mph

overtheedge97 hahaha. not in that car

So yeah, it's official: FLOORPUNCH reunion, cassette demos, and Clevo invades Philly one more time.

Monch it up!

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