Huskies beat point spread (but not USC), Refuse Records update, No. 3 Oklahoma...

USC beat the Huskies of Washington 27-24, but making underdog wagers worth the while as the Huskies more than covered a 21 point spread.

In related news, Refuse Records (Names for Graves, Champion, Blank Stare, Hit Me Back) has some new records including that of FxPxOx and Seein' Red in split cd format. Go! is also back with a new 7" and Boston's Blank Stare is still one of the best straight edge bands you may have never rocked out to.

Friday night Get the Most covered Flame Still Burns and the West Seattle Legion Hall looked like, well, a legion hall full of straight edge kids singing along to Youth of Today. It was better than Colorado's upset of number three Oklahoma, which was as you may know, pretty sweet.

Viva X's, O's and another week of school, work and D-I college football (not to be confused with Futbol for our international readers).

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