I ain't wastin' my breath on you or any of your kind...

A brief update of hardcore news, straight edge and not:

Malfunction was merged with Deathwish (old news, I know)
Trash Talk is on Malfunction/Deathwish. They Rip.
Go see them on tour this year: Deathwish Incorporated

Andy Rice (sinking ships, booking agent extraordinaire) is moving from Seattle to Boston to play in the momentum-gaining Meltdown. We wish him the best of luck and remember when he was just a little edgeman in The Physical Challenge. By the way ladies, he's single and of latin origins...

Vanguard has new tracks up. Their new record should be as hard as the tundra that wolves are bred on. They played with ruiner on November 14th in Seattle. Shit was tight.

Speaking of wolves, Grave Maker is hungry and looking for some kills: Gravemaker on the 'space

Floppy Matt of the Answer is into Soccer, so is his new band: Foul Play

Hour of the Wolf had their gear stolen in Columbus last week. Be careful in Ohio, those guys from Hawthorne Heights got with honor's cash box (Cleveland), Love is Red's trailer (Cleveland), and now Hour of the Wolf's shit (Columbus). Screamo thieves...

Keep it Clear is Vancouver's newest edge game. Ex-members all over, this stands very well on its own.

There is snow falling in Washington's mountain passes: The Summit

Cro-Mags. Skinhead. Breakout.

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