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This past weekend was such a great time. Me, Jeff (half of Right Idea), Nick, Dana, Ed, Mike, Shaun, Taylor, and Bob some how all made it to the the church.  My ride down was 100 mph, non-stop laughing, with a few swerves, and 70-0 mph in 2 seconds along the way. We left Saturday afternoon in a rented Impala headed to Allentown Pa where Jeff's friend Steph lives. She let us crash at her place for the night. After showing us to a wonderful dinner at a 50's diner we began the search for a Kinkos/copy machine. Driving around Allentown really reminded me of the movie Groundhog Day. Not in the whole stuck in the same day sort of way, but the scenery and surroundings.   We found that all the copy places were closed... Wallgreens does not have copy machines available for public use... and Hess Express gas stations only have parking for Hess's.  We really needed to finish the Demos so we could sell them at the Floorpunch show. We came back to Stephs and decided we would take care of it in the morning.  I woke up to eggs, toast, and pancakes...Steph is a great host/cook/driver. She drove us to the church in Philly. We arrived to the show, met Joe Hardcore and enjoyed a bag of chips he purchased for us. Well, mostly Dana and Ed did the enjoying.  We also watched a kid get punched in the face while walking to the end of the line to get in. I'm not sure why he got hit and judging buy the look on his face i don't think he did either. Speaking of Judge, Robby sang two songs with the band Let Down. (check out let down, awesome new edge band from PA.) That was awesome to see. I would say the 1:30 show had a ton more people than the 7:00 show. I saw more older hardcore guys at the early show. Hess was pretty popular, running into old friends and such. Jeff and I started selling the demo inbetween bands. We got rid of 20 or 30... I think. Some people came up to Jeff and asked for the demo. That was really cool. When Floorpunch played the place went nuts. The whole set was one giant sing-a-long. I am so happy that I was able to attend. The friends that had to stay back for different reasons were missed for sure, but it would not have been the same if the people I went with were not there. 


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Nice pic! Cool Jacket!

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