If anyone is interested in demos we still have some leftover from the FLOORPUNCH show in Philly where they made their debut. The demo is $3 -- and it's a 5 song cassette of straightforward hardcore with a crew tip. If you live in the Cleveland area just email John (xjohnmillinx@yahoo.com) or Jeff (lookingbackrecs@hotmail.com) and we can set one aside to give to you at the next show we are at. You can also email Jeff at the above address for shipping info.

I'll try to review the Floorpunch show when I have more time (if Chuck doesn't beat me to it).

Also, be sure to check out BALANCE -- they are a new edge band from Sweden with a solid demo. Got the opportunity to meet Johan at the show and can tell these guys are going places.

Pissed-off straight edge hardcore: what's there not to love?


Anonymous said...

Love it! Jeff I should have said hello at FP but I dropped the ball. Any interest in coming out to Chicago?


jarred said...

whats up dudes? the music rules. i'm booking a show january 5th, hopefully at the union in athens ohio for braindead and let down from pa. if you guys are gonna be playing shows by then, i'd definitely love you guys to play. email me at xjarredx@gmail.com and let me know.

xkennyx said...

Hey i live right down the street from you. Could i just come pick a demo up?