Edge of Quarrel--Xcinematic masterpieceX

Dave Excursion re-released edge of quarrel on DVD. You can win the phone from the movie if you order the dvd.

You may also commence wondering how division II Seattle Pacific University defeated the University of Washington in Women's B-ball last night. I suppose Dennis Kucinich may be America's next president after this occurence.

Viva love,



Anonymous said...

ew. its more like Xcomplelely unwatchable and boringX. let me guess, you are friends with dave, right? *eyeroll*

Cleveland Nate said...

Dude, this blog is keeping it positive. There are numerous reasons why I hype this:

1. Dude's getting hit with faux-pay phones is funny the first time you see it.

2. Dave--righteous dude.

3. There are no good movies based on hardcore and punk. This is at least low budget enough a la repo man or they live to actually give it a watch.

Besides the latter part of the entry is funnier than the former. Ill.

Anonymous said...

hey, shit is shit. just because something is about hxc or punk and low bufget doesnt mean its good. anyone with even a lacking taste in film can tell this movie is poorly done. im all for hyping hxc and the edge but maybe try and make something that is good. just sayin'