Blind Justice

The year 1997 should be remembered for 2 things to hardcore kids in Cleveland, Ohio: The Rebirth of Hardcore; and The Cleveland Indians Baseball Club. David Justice was hands down one of the best baseball players I've ever seen in my life -- standing out among a lineup of future HOFers: Ramirez, Hershiser, Alomar, Giles, Thome, Colon and a few guys who played like HOFers that year: Matt Williams, Jaret Wright, and Charlie Nagy. Not to mention he was in the top 5 in MVP voting 5 times over in his injury shortened career -- '97 stood out, with post-season heroics aplenty. Oh yeah, and he had a girl with him while he was here, but I forgot her name.

Not to mention a certain member of One Life Crew insisting we (Clevo Kids) all wear "JUSTICE 33" player t's. I'm not making this up. But they really did look "hard." Maybe not as hard as that "X" hat, but I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.

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Not to mention you use not to mention a little too much.