Shaun Clark Interview

Shaun does not require an introduction.

Shaun Clark Interview:

You have been involved with Cleveland hardcore for a while now, what bands have you played for?

Fucking Shit. I don’t think it’s been that long. I told Carlson one time that our best days in hardcore are yet to come. “ I was like bitch don’t ask me again. Anyway.” (HAHAHAHAHA). The first “hardcore” band I was in was called DISTRICT FIVE. I was the lead singer. Some high points of this band include me making out with a fat 15-year-old girl in Erie, PA after our set, and also breaking a dinner plate on purpose in a Chinese restaurant in Canada. Some low points include our drummer quitting 3 times, and me telling Pat Hasset that I fucking hate him. That band broke up which sucks, cause being a lead singer was amazing. The next band actually had its beginnings with Carlson when we where 16 years old. LAZY DAYZ was just the name we finally agreed on. Some high points of that band include, our first show being shut down right before our last song and the hidden track on the Demo. The low points include Dana not wanting to play any shows and Dan quitting because Kelly was being a baby. The next band I joined was called RUN RIOT. At first I wasn’t excited about it, but with our new songs that are getting out, I’m starting to turn. Some high points from that band include a record label actually putting out our music, and playing a huge, free show in Vermont. Some low point include our drummer getting into a fight at Now That’s Class, and me almost beating the shit out of Pat Hasset. Fuck this is long. I am still currently in RUN RIOT. The next band is called MAD MINDS. Carlson and I still wanted to do a band together so we asked Dan from LAZY DAYZ and he said he was down, and then somehow met Alex at a show and called him. Some high points of this band include so far the West Virginia show and a solid recording at Negative Space. Some low points include not being able to practice for 3 weeks, and having a hard ass time writing new songs. (But they are written as I speak). 2 bands that I’m in, but we have not played shows include, I CAN’T LOSE, and ON FALL. Fuck.

Tuna Macaroni and Cheese or Totino’s Pizza?

Totino’s because I could always steal a slice from one of you fuckers and then break a plate outside instead of putting it in the dishwasher.

High School and College were full of fun times, what is your most memorable moment in each?

HAHAHAHAHA FUCK!!!!!!!!!! Ok, in high school, I was suspended for 10 days because I…. 1. During a group dance photo I got on my knees and put my hands and face in front of Nick’s groin area, and made the impression that I was giving him a blowjob in the photo. I guess someone’s mom didn’t like that. 2. I called the vice-principal at that time an “IDIOT” right to his face. Amazing. The principals said they looked at the photograph ‘up close’ and they are convinced that ‘something’ was in my mouth. Fuckers. During those 10 days, my dad thought I was gay, and my mom told me to get new friends. They can both go to hell for all I care. Fuckers.

Now College. During my freshman year, some of us were going to the clubs to go dancing. (Dancing in college involves a girl’s fat ass riding up and down on a guy’s crotch). In my friends room I took 3 shots of 151, and then starting moshing in the hallways. As we were leaving, we were all screaming. I went up to a window, started fake punching the window, but on the third punch, my hand went right through. I ran away, and a week later had to risk getting kicked out of school by going to judicial affairs. They told me to pay for the window. I never did. Fuckers.

Positive Numbers ’04 and ’05, overall music and hangouts, which takes the cake?

Fuck, this is fucking long. POSI 2004 takes the cake because I remember lighting off fireworks at the Red Roof Inn. Some security guard was staring at us while a friend and I were sparking the fuse, and he simply told us to “stop and go back to our rooms” but he was smiling while he said it. Then 5 minutes later I saw some dead serious family man come out of his first story room and tell 30 kids to stop lighting fireworks. One second later I see a mortar get dumped 10 inches away from him and explode. It was so fucking funny. We hid in the rooms and shut the lights off, as the police came and arrested people. After that I remember I had to take a shit, and Cliff clogged the toilet. HAHAHAHAHA and Moss never paid for the room and had a bed all to himself. He was bleeding from his mouth and it leaked all over the pillow. HAHAHAHA. I was in a room full of Shumakers too. HOLY SHIT!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

The Brothel has become home for hardcore in Cleveland, do you intend for it to stay there and for how long?

As long as possible. But I’m still waiting for the day when my landlord comes in on a show or the cops come and shut everything down. But so far everything has been cool. Fucking shit.

What book are you currently reading?

“Human; All Too Human” by Frederick Nietzsche

You’ve been driving without headlights for well over a year now, are you ever going to get new ones installed?

I’ll ask my car, but last time she said that getting a light bulb change was too painful for her. Shes very sensitive.

What bands have you been jamming to lately? Who should we check out?

HAHAHAHAHA. Dead Seriously, I’ve been jamming to old THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, and CONVERGE. I guess I have bad music taste but fuck it.

As far as bands to check out, I listened to a new song from LET DOWN off their LP, and I like it a lot. People need to check out EMPIRE from Columbus. (ex Triceratops). They are evil as fuck. Ummmmmmm… BRAIN HANDLE just re-released their LP with a label. People should get that before it sells out. Fuck, listen to your heart dickhead.

Any shout outs or last words?

Just listen to RIGHT IDEA, and everything in your world will be balanced.


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