The Block "C," The Other Cliff Lee, and You.

I've waited long enough for my first Indians post of the year -- those who expect these little golden nuggets: forgive me for the latency, those who hate sports because it isn't "punk:" forgive me as well. I assure you we'll return to our regular scheduled "hard core" updates very soon. I promise.

Anyway -- whouda thunk it, but Cliff Lee is back and strong as ever -- at least judging by his 2 quality starts on travel days against injury ravaged teams (sarcasm fully intentional). Those who may forget, Lee was 3rd in Cy Young voting a full year before CC stole his from Fausto in 2007, and it's no coincidence that all 3 are flame throwing Lefties who, when able to keep the ball down, are un-fuk-witable. I'd love to say I have confidence in Lee stepping up over the long haul, and other than that one incident with him and his wife and their failure brood disrupting my dinner at Ginza last winter, I really have no reason to not like him. I mean, he did shave that god-awful facial monstrosity he was sporting last year -- so there's something. Plus his name is strikingly similar to a certain 4-string maestro. I'm betting there's more than just a small coincidence on both counts.

Tonight's game is really an important one -- if ever an early April game could be considered important. We're battling the Boston Red Sox, in one of their 2 games at Progressive Field this year (there's another blog altogether -- mid market teams getting screwed by the MLB for ESPN viewing schedules -- arggghhhh). After sitting Ortiz (slumping), Man-Ram (crazy), and Lowell (old) last night against the Yankees, Boston expects to come into the North Coast well rested and ready for a rematch of last years ALCS. You know, minus K-Lo, Nixon, Schilling, etc. But hey, now fan favorite Sean Casey plays first base in Boston -- you're welcome, Theo!

So I'll be there -- like every other night, dressed a little warmer than usual -- but making some serious noise and complaining to fan services about the Prog's lack of vegetarian friendly cuisine (again -- another blog entry altogether) . . .

If you're in town, come out and wave a "Let's Go Tribe" towel with me . . .

Go Tribe!


Anonymous said...

get jo bo out of that closer spot

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