Youngblood Fest and News!

I hope everyone had as great a time at Youngblood Fest as we did!  Sean YB deserves all the praise in the world for doing a consistently outstanding label and doing shows that embody what the core is about.  
My personal review of the show:

Right Idea:  We had bass trouble but a great time!  See you this summer East Coast heads.

Mindset:  React 04! will melt your face--great music, great energy and a great message (anybody catch EV talking about the lameness that is "green" marketing?  As an eco-hunk, I fully back this band.  Yo, is that van biodiesel...Word to Cold Cuts playing a "high chair" and Chad being a world-class high jumper.

Coptic Times:  Two words: Skin Head.  Slow jams played tightly--peep their new shit.

Police and Thieves: Oh shit, so good, like Dag Nasty meets Embrace meets button-up shirts.  Carlos was really nice and was great to meet.  They have a podcast interview on dissonance and a new record--get into it.

TFS: Not able to make it.  I'm sure they'll get lots of love from kids in their last summer as a band.  Keep an eye straight and open for Aram's React! record label.

Fired Up: "Who won the Title last year--the mothafucking New York Giants."  New songs were killer, and I can't wait to see more of this band.

Worn Thin: Special set--killed it in the few songs they played.

Govt Warning: Love the lp--I need to get more of this band's records.

Mind Eraser: DFJ is a class act no matter what band he does.  Their drummer is big and scary looking.  This band is tighter than a fresh Touch and Go release on ebay.

LOJ/America's Youth:  Iron Cross cover by AY and three guitars during LOJ had me scratching my head in a good way.

Set to Explode:  Opened to 86 mentality, covered dead stop and were all around tight as hell.  I admire anyone who demands an apology on stage.

Iron Age: Austin Texans clad in camo hats and playing the best crossover out right now.  So.  Good.  Word to their ill roadie, Clif Schumaker for always tight parking lot conversations.

Bane:  The Baniacs loved it and went bonkers.  Good positive addition to the show.

Thanks to Alex WK for driving and a special thanks to all the kids from all over Ohio who came out.  It was great to see the Midwest, East Coast and Northwest people all around having fun and loving the music.  Word to Lee Trash Talk for making our set, old friends Ian from Nova Scotia and J25 for sayin' whats up.
Special Thanks to Sean Youngblood and everybody who came out, sang along, had a great time and picked up merch from all the bands near and far.  I can't wait for next year all ready...


Tank top taylor said...

Good times, good hangouts, good review.

Mike Driggs (Fired Up) said...

right idea rules!!!

please get a hold of us whenever you guys come out east. well do our best to show you what we can!