Get your MINDSET on ordering this Monday!

"Pre-orders go up TOMORROW for Mindset's new EP, "R E A L P O W E R". This is a one-time-only pressing of 1,000 copies with 200 on RED vinyl, 300 on WHITE, and 500 on BLACK. Judging by the reaction we got to the GTM and Right Ideas records we expect them to fly out the door and once they're gone, they're gone. Orders will be run through the store on our myspace page (this is the last time we promise!) and orders should be going up at 10 am Pacific time.

We'll also have a new merch design for Mindset as well as some very cool new REACT! gear so please stop my our myspace page and check it out!

www. myspace. com/itstimetoreact

Thanks and take care!
Aram XXX"