The G Spot...

Come on, you knew it had to be...Harmonica, trumpets, wailing songs and fast ones too...They spelled their entire fifteen letter name in one song...They even had two people sing the same damn songs on recordings: GB Start Today.

 This record was so good that people just pretended that CIV never put out that last record (you know the ONE).  This record emits pure positivity, energy and a feeling that is simply hardcore.  When the trumpets play, you get those chills and you know every word.

Their Cleveland reunion show was where Cheap Tragedies is rumored to have been formed by a so-happy-he-almost-broke-his-jaw-smiling Jeff G and a blissfully boyish edgeman.  I'm also told that tour brought more old men out of stage dive retirement than copies sold of the Old Smoke record.  Just look at how happy the video is making all those Euros!  Outstanding!

Close but no GB: Go It Alone: Vancouver Gold, Get Up Kids: Four Minute Mile, Get the Most: Core Values Demo, Gin Blossoms: New Miserable Experience (fuck you guys, that record ruled when I was seven), Grey Area: Fanbelt Algebra (Members of Warzone and Token Entry, don't sleep on it), Good Riddance: Ballads from the Revolution, 

Official Runner-Up: Gordon Solie Motherfuckers: Powerbomb Anthems Vol I.
I also must announce that the Gone But Not Forgotten Demo is out and rages, download it at the link.

Chuck says G-unit?  Gang Starr?  Gift of Gab?  Marvin Gaye?  Are those last three too real for ya Chuckie?


Chuck Right said...

The Game... hard as nails. Mr. Gaye when is bangin time.

Anonymous said...

When is bangin' time? It's always bangin' time!

XSLABAX said...

I am down with the GB pick for G! My runner up would have to be GOOD CLEAN FUN!!GO!!!

John Committed said...

When isn't it banging time?????