Oh, Say, Kan Ye See.

So I got my hands on the new Kanye disc today. I was a little apprehensive about givin' it a listen, just because he's Kanye amongst other things, but the two singles on the radio are pretty catchy i must admit. and his performances as of late have been pretty dope (AMA's and Conan). So I'm driving listening, I give it a chucky chuck rating of an OKAY. Some.. well the majority of the tracks are super club. Even tho the disc as a whole has a "i'm sad and im trying to make you dance in a chi town club with hot girls half naked drinkin' a Heineken theme and sound. The 808 is in full effect. Don't let the title of this record trick you. haha. not funny, Anyway track 10 WILL be the next jam that makes that dude millions. Yall heard it from me first. AND it doesnt hurt that my man weezy is on that one as well. (tickets on sale friday)((yo how can i get free tix))(((hook it up)))((((i need like ten!)))) back to the review. This isnt really a review. I just cant do my homework anymore and im taking a break. As far as the art work, im into it. KAWS is the artist and that dude has been killing it in the men's streetwear scene for a while. he has stuff for comme des garcon, original fake, he might of did a colab with vans a while back, not sure. awesome dude and glad he is hitting it big. Ill get to my assignment of letter D band soon, promise. Q tip is playing the house of blues thursday then me and rob and willy are hitting the clubs on w 6th. our boy pantso's babe nikki is throwing a party at ultra..... DANCE.

plex! aim higher. and at someone other than yourself.

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