7 Inches of Repress

Jeff from Bottled Up announced yesterday that the Right Idea 12" EP Our World is heading back into press as a 7" with Bottled Up. Thanks to Jeff and Jeff and Aram at React! for putting the wheels in motion, and word is -- everyone is stoked. Expect it sometime in the next few months. Also -- don't forget -- the label is also putting out a 7" of out-takes from the TFS What We Know sessions . . .  Here's excerpts from the announcement post from LWB:

Author: Jeff Lasich (---.pitbpa.east.verizon.net)
Email: starttodayzine@hotmail.com
Date: 01-09-09 14:42

I am now taking orders for THE FIRST STEP- What We Knows Sessions 7”. These songs were recorded in December of 2003, as the band was in the process of reforming after their breakup in May 2003. These are the original recordings of songs that eventually found their way to the What We Know lp on Rivalry Records. There weren’t many copies of this demo floating around, and many people never got a chance to hear these songs. Some prefer these versions to the lp tracks. There will be a couple NC themed colors. The record is at the plant now, but I do not expect this to be ready until March. Order now, because they are going to sell out quickly. There will be 500 in the first press, with MAYBE another 500 if there is a demand for them.

After this record, be on the lookout for a 7” from Cleveland’s RIGHT IDEA. This record is just a repress of the 12” REACT! Records put out last year. REACT! will only do 1 run of 1000 records and Aram likes it so much he wanted to see it still available. I was honored when asked to keep this record in print. Expect more info on that sometime in February.

HAVE HEART- Demo 2003 is still available for order. The pressing info is as follows (I never get the numbers I actually order from the plant):
100 black, hand numbered
145 clear purple
177 solid orange
234 solid purple

Read the entire thing here.

We'll pass along more information as we have it (ordering, numbers, etc).


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Anonymous said...

Repress? That means a Euro release and tour should be in the works, right?