Here Comes The Judge (Letter J)

This is a no-brainer. 

I will accept no arguments, no denials. No matter how well-versed or "cool" you or your pick are. 

Hardcore is was and always will be Judge. The New York Crew 7" and the Bringin' It Down LP both slay, and stand alone. The LP so much so that even the rejected mix is a masterpiece that has its own merits (and has become the Honus Wagner of record collecting). 

Choose your favorite and you'll be right

And doesn't it feel great to be right?

Don't fight it.

Don't deny it.

Just go out and listen to it again.

And again. 

Anger & sincerity. Fast & slow, melodic mosh. Chain waving stomp parts. Metal screaming solos and enough punk wherewithal to tear down the proverbial walls. JUDGE took everything great about hardcore before it, perfected it, and set the bar for everything to come.

There's maybe only 3 records in my life that said to me "Shave your head, John. Don't fight it. It's the right thing to do."

You might even say it's the RIGHT IDEA.

Bonus points for being the ONLY band shirt I let my daughter wear. I dare say Ragan Rose will be all the better for being exposed to JUDGE early and often.

I know I was.


XSLABAX said...

100% across the board, hands down none better for J!!!! I did not even try to think of one better or a runner up for this one!!

Head2Wall said...


Anonymous said...

what a cuuute baby.