Jeff Grey, Photo Pass

Our good friend Jeff Grey took some pictures again of our show this past weekend at the Tower with Mindset.

Go to this link to view the slideshow.

Now with BONUS GOODIES!!!! The set also includes a few pics of us doing the Committed song "Stand and Deliver" as performed with Casey Kulas himself (minus one instrument and two stop parts -- Chuck buy a new bass).

Thanks again, Casey!



XSLABAX said...

Great pics Jeff G! The best one is the one of Hess all whacked out in the moment!!!YOU KNOW THE ONE!

Anonymous said...

Top 50 records for sure

John Committed said...

My top 100, for sure. If I made a record that didn't mean more to me than the modern rev or b9 release or any other record that goes "badat bah chugga chugga", I'd be ├╝ber bummed.
I'd be honored if it makes your list, anon (who knows --- maybe even #47). Oh, and if you have the blessing to make a HXC record (or another one?), I hope it means that much to you.
Otherwise, I'd advise you don't bother, because chances are people will be able to tell...