A Time We'll Remember take three

So the fact that Sunny S. at Hate5six.com continues to film hardcore and put it up in quality videos--for FREE--is pretty awesome. Think of how awesome kids will find it in 2020 when they want to see (new) old Floorpunch sets or sets by Betrayed or Verse or any number of bands that may carry well into the next decade. Kids will be moshing in their room to the Burning Fight sets, the This is Hardcore fest and many NJ/Philly shows in between!

Sunny hooked it up in full force at A Time We'll Remember fest, grabbing our ugly mugs on film again with the rest of the great bands that made the trek to play some hardcore.

Sunny, from all of us in Right Idea, thanks a lot man!

You can find our set here as well as those of Mindset, Alert, Outlast, Up Front and more here.

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