Ask and ye shall receive...

So after yesterday's photo request, we got some shots from Poland and Prague CZ. Special thanks to both Pavels for the shows. To keep things brief, we had the best show of our lives in Czestochowa, Poland yesterday, played another great one in Vienna tonight, and can barely forget the great post-Fluff matinee from Monday. It may sound cliche, but fuck it, these are the best shows and people we've ever encountered. Please check out the wonderful pictures at http://keepthismoment.com to see what we mean.

Shots out to Luis and the Hungarian crew for taking us out to see the Vienna sights at midnight on a Wednesday!

Robert Refuse sings a Right Idea song in the Motherland!
Crew pic following the After Fluff Matinee
A mob in Czestechowa
Hess stretches his back after a long day's drive.

More voluminous updates will follow tomorrow. It's 3am and time to sleep off tomorrow's 8-hour drive...

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Anonymous said...

is that a Confront hoodie in the second picture?