Ghosts of Berlin...

So, we've been in town for a day or two each now, and are getting ready for some great shows in Germany and then up in Northern Europe. We've been to the Berlin Wall, eaten some great food, and got all the last minute details sorted out for the rest of tour. Hess enjoyed the in-flight entertainment, and we actually met some colorful people in our German travels that resembled people from the flight. Who's the German below? You decide.
Tomorrow is show time in Berlin. We're playing with Your Fucking Nightmare (CZ) and hoping not to embarrass our homeland too much with our poor German language skills and bad jokes. The good news for RxI collectors is we'll have lots of vinyl and several new shirt designs and colorways. We'll also be playing numerous songs from the "Right Way/Our Way" records. All-in-all the next two weeks should be great.

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