Hamburg 18 July

Sunday 18 July 2010

We went to brunch with Robert, Gzeg, Jenny (Robert's partner), Seb and some of the other members from High Score, Mean Mike and a few others. The place was run by former hardcore kids and had a sliding scale payrate between 6 and 9 Euros. We got coffee and lots of great vegan food, and only slightly annoyed our less American fellow diners. Stomachs full, we had a nice drive from Berlin to Hamburg, passing many other tourists en route to a Jeff Hess van pull-up opportunity, Capri-sonne, and finally the venue, another large squat with 20 years of history.

Note the use of Al from Dangers on our flier. I suppose it could be related to our post earlier on the blog...

This particular squat, Rote Flora, was an old theatre/opera hall that was bombed out in WWII, leaving only the entry. It supports two show spaces and a large kitchen. Alex of Hoods Up did the show and saw to it that we were taken care of really, really well. The food was great vegan pasta with veges, and the dinner conversation was outstanding. I can honestly say that Alex is a student of the European scene and knows everyone. He gave us the history of the venue, his philosophy on US bands touring Europe, talked about his American show-going experiences, and gossiped with us on all things HC. The overall band ranking of the venue and promoter were the highest of honors: Top Dude.

The venue from outside.
Alex in the background at the radio station...

We played third with a punk band and great pop-punk band. We found ourselves getting tighter and had a blast ripping through the set. We saw some cameras rolling, so hopefully the filmers in attendance can send us documentation for those playing along at home.

We wrapped up the night with a radio interview that consisted of us playing our favorite Clevo hardcore classics as well as the Big Tymers. We had more than a little explaining to do and hopefully didn’t give away the extent to which we’re really just goofballs. They had goofy signs in their bathrooms to outdo us anyway. What's stranger? You decide:


We parked the van at a secured lot and proceeded to go to the hostel and get pizza. A few push-ups, Grzeg checking email and some showers later and we were all down for the count.

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