Right Way 7" Pre-order up now!

Finally, this is it. The U.S. pressing of the Right Way 7" that was just released by Refuse Records in Poland for the European Tour 2010.

We did a special run of 100 records on black vinyl with a special cover just for the States. 8 songs of fast hardcore from your favorite Clevelanders who aren't Drew Carey or Charlie Sheen in MLB.

Track list:

Side A:
1. Right Way
2. My Say
3. Peace
4. United Front

Side B:
5. Think Free
6. Dew It
7. Find Yourself
8. If You Cared,II

Pressing info:

100 copies black vinyl, special labels and cover.

This is a ***pre-order*** and will begin shipping August 9th 2010. Please don't email us asking where your record is until the end of August--especially because we're going to be in Europe until then. . .

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