Thursday July 22

We headed to central Oslo to check out the local flavor and exchange some currency before hitting the road for Gothenburg. The city was really nice, so we did some push-ups and snagged a few postcards before heading back to Sweden. Grzeg drove hard and made good time so we could arrive in the city on time for food and to help get things get set up. The evolve guys took a bus four hours from Oslo to Gothenburg just to play this show, leaving at 9am and arriving in the afternoon. In the states, that would never happen, likely due to infrastructure problems, but also the car culture we’ve created. Over here, it seems that the backline is static and the kids go back and forth however they can with their drum breakables and guitars. It’s totally awesome that kids are willing and able to attend shows without the need for huge vans. It’s all based on community and sharing of cabs, drums and sometimes amps.

Speaking of sharing, Staffan who did our show, set us up with an entire backline and drums, sparing us the time and effort of setting up. When we arrived at the venue, a community center in Gothenburg, there was a three-course meal of salad, pasta and vegan goulash, bread and brownies. It was entirely vegan and we, once again, got too full for our own good before playing. We got a chance to hang out with Evolve, and had a great time chilling around town before the show. The show started with a couple good local bands, both of whom covered SSD. Evolve played next and were once again, super tight. The energy when they play is through the roof, and they were for the second night in a row, a tough act to follow. We played a quick set, both in speed and duration, and then proceeded to watch the world’s most efficient load-out occur. Stefan and his crew, including John from Malmo, seriously had the backline out and loaded in 15 minutes. While Grzeg took the backline to the storage spot, we chilled with Evolve and the gentlemen who helped with food and most of the night’s duties (sorry we forgot your name!). He loaded us up with leftover food and upon the van’s arrival and packing, we bid our farewells.

We stayed with Staffan, and he took great care of us. A purebred hardcore kid, we were once again treated like kings. The man even shared his own bed with us—that’s generosity.


Anonymous said...

Best pecs in hardcore...why no neck bridges or squat thrusts though?

Anonymous said...

Pumping Idea

Staffan said...

Thanks for the kind words, bust just to clarify so Erik won't get mad at me, he and I shared the work for this show, and if anyone did more for it to happen it was him, not me :-) hope to see you soon again. Come back when people aren't out of town. :-) XXX / Staffan

ps. Thanks for calling me a kid. Always neat.