JOHN has baby(again)!!! Nate gets married!!!

Please help me welcome the newest edition to the team, Elliott Thomas Millin. Weighing in at a close 10 lbs! Born on 10-10-10! How fitting for the straight edge! Congrats John and Bridget! To be honest im sad it wasnt a girl, i was hoping id get to date the two Millin sisters in about 17.5 years!!!

In other news Nate was married this past weekend! Nate was wed to his long time middle school sweet heart of 18 years, Lexi. Congrats to both of you! Maybe now that Nate tied the knot he can finish posting from our Euro tour!!!!!!

Hess whats up? lets go see jackass 3d this freakin weekin!

Geoff, when will we see you next? i heard you gradumated from scientist school with flyin colors!!!

check out this cool vid i shot at the last hangout. yea its loaded.

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XjamesX said...

Congrats guys!
I'd almost given up checking for the end of the euro tour blog! ha ha