LLEP part 4


man i wish i could remember the names of the places we went! whats up holland people say you have a lot of windmills and shit... i was awake the whole drive thru your country and only saw the one. whats up chocolate milk man? whats up limited edition right idea ramming speed prints? you got one? no. i do. whats up playground... we aint playin'. oh yea we stopped at the medieval warehouse for a bit. they have the best lances, battle axes and armor. had to stock up! Yo Vienna, whats up with the big ass lamps and big ass shirts? whats up hungarian crew? thanks for the tour around such a great city. again i have to say, whats up rearranged. whats up with the pre-show tuning mosh? has it caught on yet?


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Vic said...

vienna show was sick, tuning your guitar for 2 hours was weak (svan what's up), also someone looks pretty retarted on the last picture and it aint me. missing the right idea boys a whole lot. that's what's up! can't wait for the new record. also, play russia this time if you're coming to europe sometime soon.