Im pretty sure everyone who reads this blog has already seen the footage from the YOT show in Oslo but i keep going back to swehc.com to watch the vids. so im just going to post this one in particular. we met the front man of giant in oslo along with the kids from evolve and troiger (sp) and they are all in this vid. so in respect to them and being young and wanting to be edge ill post this. giant sounds good. id like to here more!

Giant - Don't Stop / Straight Edge Revenge (Feat. Porcell) from Ola Waagen on Vimeo.

also our boy kalle from malmo is in a new band. i might have mentioned it in the past but i cant remember. i think he told me it translates from harda tider to hard times. here is a vid from swehc.com as well.

dont be a bum, put it on 1080 hd and wait for it to load...

i will post photos from the first ever VICE show soon. check back for those... as well as a show review. haha


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