To go along with our X rated swatches, poz top bleach blonde hair dos, and epic jumps, we will hopefully be adding these wonderful edgeman jackets to our set list.  Yes, I said set list. No, we are not playing the Floorpunch show, but you can more than likely spot one of us in this jacket and ask to pick up a 5 song demo.  Fresh out of the boom box, 50 limited edition cassets will be stashed in our pockets for those eager to take a journey back to when Hess was about 12 and Millin was 14.  


XSLABAX said...

That is one nice looking jacket!

Cleveland Nate said...

Chuck, please edit for grammar and spelling. There is nothing less positive than misuse of the English language.

When do you need my measurements by?

Chuck Right said...

whats to edit?? i will be potentially ordering mine tomorrow (thursday 10.11.07) i would like it to be complete for the floorpunch show. if they can not do it by then i probably wont order it. please let me know what you want (different color and the sizes work s, m, l xl. im goin to get a large. and the total price will be around 200. john is not getting one just to let you know. hess might get a black one. i am getting a navy blue one. so youre green one could work if we all get different colors. and the same back. i would like the X on the front. hess said no to his. i think you should call so we can figure all this out. talk to you soon.