Merrimack Valley Hardcore Shows

So, anybody who has lived between Maine and Connecticut in the last five years has probably been to a show at New Direction/Exit 23 and more recently Welfare Records in Haverhill. I recall a particularly snowy New Direction show in March 2005 with Attitude, Verse, Names for Graves and my personal favorite band, Learn (holy shit, that joint on Malfunction was illlllllll). There were fuckin' three feet of snow, and the drive was one of the most epic mid-march snowstorm treks that I've ever made, excluding some trips to The Pass with certain hungover cocktail waiters--but I digress.

Still kids showed up, moshed, hung out, and sweet New Hampshire Straight Edge Jackets were all over. Needless to say, the show was the bomb courtesy of Josh Hynes (Hammer Bros, Drug Test, Resist) and company. It stands out to me to this day as a testament to the strength of that scene and the character of the people involved.

2007 Edge day festivities will be courtesy of Josh and MVHC this October 20th with The First Step, Verse, Have Heart, Get the Most and Resist. They also have a crucial show with LOJ and Cloak/Dagger (see above flier) really soon.

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