Live from New York it's...

ME. Just an update on my status. I arrived in the city early saturday morning. Although my luggage did not, it came today around 6:30pm. I was bummed.  But, it was nice taking the M60 bus to Queens, the Q train to Atlantic Ave, and then the N train to Coney Island without a huge bulky bag. The weather here is COLD. We were supposed to get a nasty storm last night, but it never came. My bass made the journey with me. I have to practice for our show coming up on the 3rd of January with Have Heart and DTN. I will not be back until the 2nd if you're missing me. I've been searching for shows here, but no luck. If anyone can help me out I'd love it. I just received the RevHQ newsletter and the only show in the NYC was some band I've never heard of, more reason to go right? Probably won't. 5 new songs!! Keep an eye out... or an ear open.

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