Merry Christmas

($12 ppd, +$2 world)

T-shirts are being printed as we speak, thanks to Larry at Lotus. Seriously, he is the best, so send him lots of work. Oh, and maybe go see his band, too. Because you know you want to. In fact, here you go:

T-shirts are 2 sided amazingness, with a pocket print on front and a 3 color screen on the reverse that is HUGE. They're $12 ppd to the US (pre-order only, add $2 for world orders). Paypal info is listed with the demo to the right.



Chuck Right said...

you guys better save me a shirt. and a hood. wait...did we tell em about the hoods?

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing mine right now. It rules.

Anonymous said...

yo do you still have a few of these laying around??