Suma this, Suma that.

Jeff and I got the pleasure of watching our vinyl being cut/ etched / whatever-the-fucked last night at Suma Studios in Painesville. If you can imagine the most beautiful place you can think of that can still come off as really creepy -- then you can imagine Suma Studios. Less than 5 minutes from the highway, and a stone's throw from the Grand River, Suma looks a lot like an old Elk's lodge or a run down ski chateau. Minus the dudes on little cars and the fezzes. Well, at least minus the little cars.

The place looks like it is straight out of a 50's sci-fi or horror epic, complete with homemade computers and Nitris Oxide canisters at the ready (at least they're a Coke family):
As archaic as it all looked, Paul was the man with the ear (and the eye -- he was able to describe the drum mic set up just from the grooves that were cut in the lacquer -- crazy), ensuring us we were in good hands for the mastering and cutting of the masters for plating.

Jeff was stoked (and also drinking a Cherry Coke):
The actual factual lathe:

We're a 1/4 of the way there now, just waiting on plating, then tests, then PRE-ORDERS, then viola!


taylor said...

Jeff looks real stoked

Head2Wall said...

I'm a super fan, I demand a test press.