Be the change..

Saturday I attended my district caucus as a precinct delegate for Barack Obama. The turnout was 1,300 strong, plus 800 alternates. Participatory democracy is very much like a large hardcore fest, except instead of sitting around between bands, you sit around between delegate tallies and shoot the breeze. Sometimes you second a motion, which is kind of like stage-diving, but more like being the cool guy standing behind the band nodding.

Bold didn't play, but Jim Mc Dermott stopped by to rev up the crowd. He did not play any Chain covers.
Washington State Senator Ed Murray played a Gandhi cover, "Be the change that you want..."
in endorsing Chicago's B. Obama. While I'm not one to get wet in the pants over political sound bytes, I liked the line he copped and was really feelin' it. I didn't dive, but I thought about it...

Things may change incrementally over time, but only we, the every day joe and jane can really affect the quality of our own day-to-day and interactions amongst ourselves. Part of the hardcore lifestyle, the straight edge lifestyle, is doing things for yourself, trying to make the changes we want to see in ourselves and the world around us. Now, political figures may not be hardcore, but Gandhi, motivation for Ian Mackaye's haircut, has some cred.

Other notable events include Sean Astin, the dude from the Lord of the Rings movies endorsing Hillary Clinton--weird.

Until next time, For Real Fest that is, I'm gonna think positively like our boy Sean over to the left. Go Memphis, go Tribe and....well...


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