Too late for a recap? Too early to reminisce?

Last weekend Right Idea had the pleasure of hanging out and playing with Mindset, The First Step, My Rulez and Our Times. Friday was a great night in Lakewood, Ohio with tons of young edgemen and women spitting back the words of youth crew jams new and old. The Hi-Fi was a great recovery since the Brothel was shut down prematurely. Merch on pool tables reminded me of the ol' Euclid Tavern's smoke-filled back room where I purchased many a late-90's band t-shirt in my youth.
Speaking of the 90's, one guy who has been around forever who I got to see at the Hi-Fi was Rye Kennedy. You may know of his former bands, Caligula, Holyfuckingcrap, Iron Teeth, or Memories lost at midnight. I personally remember him blasting 6' launch ramp lien airs when the Willoughby public skatepark opened up in like '97 or '98. He is still a top dude, hosting the get a life dood website with fellow dood, Joe. Dana Murray was also there, keepin' it right and proper.

Saturday we rented a seatless cargo van and filled it with top dudes and gear for a double-header in Dearborn, MI and Bowling Green, OH. The resulting events were, food at red star (vegan Chinese served with soul), hanging at refuge skateshop, playing two sets in one night (oddly, the second set we played was orders of magnitude better than the first--thanks for knowing your Wide Awake, AF and SSD, Bowling Green!), and kicking it with homies new and old.

Eric from Refuge is a top-flight individual who has been hosting shows for a long-long time.He rules and throws a mean slash. The proof is right here.

It was a great time with some great bands and we even met the big boy, who reminded us why we don't drink.

We do this all over again in three short weeks at Ray Houska's DIY jamboree in the Ohio foothills, otherwise known as For Real Fest--see you there!


Chuck Right said...

nate whats up with the crew pic of 2008? its smaller than... we need that shit HIGH REZ!

Anonymous said...

Fuckin' Nate come on man!

Anonymous said...

Yo, I'm too bummed I was out and wasn't in Michigan for the show to witness your set + Wide Awake cover. I was wondering when you guys would be able to do a show again so I can bring you up to Michigan again and you guys and All Hype can play together. If there's any better way to contact you let me know.