Killing Time

I want you to wander to your record collection.  How many band names start with K?  Kill Your Idols may be there.  Kid Dynamite has at least one record you own.  If you were into the floorcore scene a Kill the Man who Questions 7" is somewhere there. Maybe you were down with Livewire, so you may have Kill Verona (aka Little League) records (cd's)?  Knife Fight anybody?  The point I'm trying to make is that K is a hard letter to wrap your head around in picking bands out.  Here at I-Y-C, we're not lazy, we've just deliberated for weeks to find you the best "K" record in our archives.  

That said, Killing Time's Brightside lp is the clear victor over Kid Sister's Dream Date and Kelly Clarkson's first lp.  Look at the artwork.  That is one scared old man.  Why is he so scared--muggers? Debt collectors? Does he work on wall street?  No way, he's scared that Carl and Anthony are standing out in the hall screaming the lyrics to 'telltale'  while tuning a guitar through a Peavy amp. I'd piss my leg and then, I'd probably mosh if that happened to me. You should mosh too, now go peep that jam!

P.S. I really like Kid Dynamite, and the fact they have a track called PhDecontrol makes me want to mosh in the office.  I knew that Hess wouldn't stand for such crazy talk as KD being the "K" band, so I channeled him by saying "Right ideeeeeaaaaa" three times sloooow and Killing Times was the unanimous choice.  Enjoy the Kid Dynamite reunion video below:


XSLABAX said...

I have to go with the KNOCKDOWN demo for my K pick!!

XSLABAX said...

KNOCK DOWN!!! sorry about that STAND CLEAR!!! STAND CLEAR!!!! STAND CLEAR!!!!!

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XsoldoutX said...

what is "floorcore"? ktmwq was pretty good.