L, No

How about this: you don't challenge this choice, and I don't kick your ass for not being able to decide between "Jerseys Best Dancers" and "Hello Bastards," you fucking fruit.

My favorite TLR song though is actually on the "Oi! This Is England (Volume 1)" Comp. Go go download the little ditty named Held Hostage and lace up your boots, you cunt.


Head2Wall said...

This came out of nowhere but I back this 100% I bought this in my early teens when I went on a family trip to New York City. I shaved in early before so it was a perfect find. I still listen to this at least once a week. I say Right Idea should starting covering King Of The Jungle.

XSLABAX said...

L is a great one for me LIFE SET STRUGGLE we're fucked 7" this stuff is right on time!If you missed this one do yourself a favor and get a copy of this if you skate you better wait until it is warm out side to skate because this shit will have you reaching for your deck! Songs about shredding,how work sucks ass,how the X-games suck ass,posers in the scene and so on and so on!!Great stuff!!!!!!