We're just a Minor Threat...

Take your pick for this one--first 7", In My Eyes, Out of Step--each Minor Threat record rules. I would say that I prefer the the latter, but you can play the discography front-to-back and know all the words, hum all the guitar parts and tap all the drum fills. I don't think there is a hardcore kid who can't do that.

Runners up: Marvin Gaye, Mad Minds, Millencollin, Moondog.


Anonymous said...

millencollin rules.

is hess alive?

XSLABAX said...

As much as I agree with the MINOR THREAT choice I just could not ignore the urge to pull this one!MISFITS "earth a.d." my favorite release by them by far! I know I am not alone on this when I say that this release had inspired and continues to inspire just as many of the great bands that we all love!(some just dont know it) I will also say one of the coolest record covers of all time! The question I have a hard time answering is which one makes me skate harder MINOR THREAT(first demo tape) or MISFITS(earth a.d.)!Both are 2 of the greatist influences on all things HC/PUNK related in my opinion!! But thats just my take!!!!

Anonymous said...

moss icon

ClevoNate said...

Dude, without Minor Threat, nothing else would exist.

Anonymous said...

... except the Misfits.

Shaun said...

I can only guess what N is going to be.


Worst Kid E.P. actually ruled though.

Just saying.