Cake Face

Right Idea played a show last night. With some other bands. They were cool and stuff, and I was in one of them, Ge-off was in one of them and you really couldn't hear the vocals on any of them. But the coolest thing was when RXI took the stage -- Jeff Hess in all his glory brought cake. Not just like some bullshit homemade "here I got you this" cake, but like a full on set of 3 "X" cakes, complete with Cleveland Hard Core (or straightedge or something).

This was my reaction to the cake being cut:

I was like "C'mon, hurry this shit up -- Daddy's gotta get some sugar." (Notice Alex was his leeringly loving self in the background) Let's just say the cake did not disappoint in all its Giant Eagle confectioner's sugar and Crisco goodness. Nom Nom Nom.

Then we played some songs.

This was pretty much my view:

That's Mr. Hess' back, adorned with IMPACT fanzine represent. True very true.

We played A LOT OF SONGS. Like more than we've ever played -- big ups to GEOFF for leading things and EDDY and CHUCK for providing the thump to my noodle-isms. We opened with a cover of Basement Boys' "Tower Skins" (As I was setting up, Geoff says to me, he says: "John -- we're playing "Tower Skins," it's 'A-B-F' and some octaves, cool?" And I of course said -- "Got it.") and we tore that shit down while Alex looked on like a proud papa.

We then slammed into our set -- "Alert / That's Not You" medley started it off, some demo songs and AF's "Last Warning" held it down, 3 new songs (including the Cleveland Crew Oi Song) made their stage debut and rounded things off with a couple more. Awesome possum.

Then Jeff was like "I'm done -- I don't know this one," and Alex is holding a bass now and Chuck grabs the mic -- and I sure as shit don't know what's going on, so I take off my guitar and proceed to watch what unfolded:

What it was was none other than the prettiest Emile Hirsch look-alike with sleeves you'll find rocking Bless'd gear tearing up "New York Crew" by Judge. Hot shit.

Then the cake-fight happened.

And that ruled.

Pat took these pictures, and he is awesome too.

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XSLABAX said...

The cake was nice and sticky on the dancefloor until it got wet(thats what she said)then it was just down right fun to try and stay up off of it.(thats what she said again)Great set by far the best yet! The oi song is a great pile-on sing along good time fun song!!!