The Taqwacores

A couple years back some kids made a movie at the Tower 2012 and now it's big shit on MtV and showed this week at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Now I'm not saying it's because of us or anything, but let's all agree they had the RIGHT IDEA in how to dress "The Straight Edger."

View the Trailer here:


Wolfgang Von Gobblecock said...

I had to promise Hess that it would be better than The Edge Of Quarrel before he okay'd the use of Right Idea merch in the flick. This movie forced some Hollywood actor to learn the words to "Fed Up", "Don't Tread On Me", "Nervous Breakdown" and... something else I'm forgetting.

Bad Brains are on the soundtrack.

A Mindset and My Rulez sticker is briefly visible on a guitar.

The OG Hope This Helps tank is in there, as is the "Stop Doing Drugs" Search Bloc T.

Mad Minds got fucked and the dickhead who wrote the book the movie is based on wore his coat over top of it (he's the guy punching himself in the face in the trailer). hahahahaha We offered the song "Open Your Eyes" to them for the soundtrack since it has the word Jihad in it but noooooooooo.

I give the movie a B.

Nate Hough-Snee said...

That's it, Carlson is fired from writing lyrics...