...Are awesome! Yo, TRUE COLORS thanks for comin' and playin' Clevo. Even tho it says Lakewood on your tour shirt yall were in Clevo. It's ok... I mean I get it messed up all the time, I'm a Medina kid that reps CLE it's cool. ANYWAY back to the point. T.C. is a great band and are even better dudes. Good luck the rest of the week and have a safe trip here to there.

This pretty much sums it up...

Packo, if you want to work out jackets let me know. Contact me through here or email me!!

and to James... email me dogg I got you!

and to the rest, thanks to everyone who came out. It meant a lot to us and the other bands. And yall need to get off that board talking about how Davey broke... that dude is just in love... Talk about how good my jumps (and bass dive) was/were and how nice daddy millin looked with his hair all cut nice and how amazing dan did in such limited time and how hesser was soo smooth on the mic. and how bout them recs? ya dig.

and on the Lupe tip... he did it with a full band which was killer, but im not really into that dude.
(no homo)

you must excuse me, but that needed it for real.




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Chuck loves gay videos. Fact.

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Haven't seen you in a while Dana--are those crew products you use?

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I'm 475 lbs, look at me!

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ouch!!! get off of me!!!